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Welcome to theta’s documentation!

Theta is a machine learning (ML) framework implementing the Riemann-Theta Boltzmann Machine (RTBM), written in Python and Cython. It offers a high-level interface to build and train RTBM based ML architectures for probability density estimation, data regression and classification.

The code implements the RTBM as described in the theoretical paper arXiv:1712.07581.


Theta is in a proof-of-concept / research phase. You may observe that model training requires some fine tune to get proper results.

License and citation policy

The theta package is an open-source package under AGPLv3. If you use the theta package please cite the following article:

Daniel Krefl, Stefano Carrazza, Babak Haghighat, Jens Kahlen.
Riemann-Theta Boltzmann Machine, arXiv:1712.07581